Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Dot dot dot

. . . well, I'm on hold until Kingsisle can restore our characters on both accounts. Apparently my 4 year old got very delete happy while my back was turned.


Whatchagonnado . . .

Happy Dueling!


Tipa said...

oh, no :(

stingite said...

I have full confidence they will restore my characters. That's just the way Kingsisle rolls.

ON THE OTHER HAND . . . I really like built in controls to hinder things like this. Guild Wars requires you to type your characters name to verify you want to delete it. Perfect. world of warcraft asked you to type the word, "DELETE" if you wanted to delete a character. Beautiful.

one click on "delete" and then another on "yes" just isn't 4-year-old proof . . . or even 2-year-old proof as this was the case with Everquest as well. (yes, my autisitic 4-year-old is fond of deleting characters in all my games . . . this customer service issue is not new to me. LOL)