Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Friendly's Event Ideas

Hello friends!

I contacted Kiersten, the W101 community correspondent, and asked her if I hosted an event, could I give away a prize of crowns to one of my readers. She said that not only is that possible, but Kingsisle *may* front the crowns for the event.

So I’ve jotted down a few possible events I could host. Let me know if any of these pique your interest.

Event ideas:

1- Find the Friendly Necromancer (basically I sit in one spot during a certain time and release clues to my location over a couple hours . . . the first person to find me and do a specific set of emotes, wins!)

2- Screenshot Scavenger hunt (a one day scavenger hunt for screenshots, e-mailed to me for judging).

3- Random drawing of readers on a specific given day.

4- Gold card collecting event (would involve buying a specific deck and loading it with specific gold cards, including one of the more rare cards).

5- The Friendly Necromancer Quiz event (I give you a Wizard 101 quiz . . . winners drawn from a pool of those that gave the most correct answers).

6- Make a Wizard 101 game (invent a game—board, video, card, whathaveyou—that revolves around the Wizard 101 theme, winner judged by the community through a polling system).

7- Wizard 101 poem writing contest.

8- Riddle me this (answer a number of Wizard 101 based riddles, winners drawn from a pool of those that gave the most correct answers)

9- Real-life picture contest (find objects in real life that reflect objects in game . . . for instance, you know how you always have to touch plaques that have pictures of birds, trees, bugs, and dogs in the game to unlock doors . . . take pictures of those iconic items and submit them . . . etc. still hashing this one out in my mind.)

10- Lego building contest (build a Wizard 101 prop in Legos and photograph it . . . winners judged by community)

11- Youtube contest (create a Wizard 101 youtube video . . . winners judged by community)

I’m just brainstorming here. Feel free to leave your ideas.

Happy Dueling!


Tipa said...

Ooooo very cool!

I'd love to meet the Friendly Necromancer in game sometime, and I don't even need crowns to do it :)

stingite said...

awesome. Maybe I'll just host a "Meet Friendly" day to start. ;-)

Anonymous said...

The quiz would be good cause only those who know about wizard 101 not just some noob can win.

Amanda Shadowflame Magus Pyro