Friday, January 23, 2009

Dragonspyre Mish Mash Part I

Here's a video I made of Thomas Lionblood (with some helpful assistance from Kyle Skystaff) rocking the first two or three zones of Dragonspyre.

I hope you're all having a good time with the new content! The battles are longer, the foes are stronger, and the puns are wronger (oo . . . *editors everywhere wince at the most wrong mistake that just happened).

I must say that I have a new favorite quest name out of this whole free content that Kingsisle has graced us with.

Love it. I hoisted one of those trapper keepers around with me everywhere I went in junior high. All the girls were wanting to "go with" the mullet-sporting, brace face that was walking tall with the red trapper keeper, yo. All of my class information perfectly sorted, neat, and in place . . . so hawt. On the inside fold you might have found some graph paper with a D&D dungeon I was crafting for my buddies.

Ok, I'll stop typing now since the video has finished uploading. whew. You're lucky that uploaded fast.

Happy Dueling!

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