Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Video Journal Moo Shu . . . Day 1

Hello Duelers,

So I have a new idea for Amber and Kyle, who are slowly working through Moo Shu at the pace of around an hour a day. I'll be recording a video clip each day of their adventures and hopefully by the end, we might have a pretty cool Moo Shu Montage.

Since my Fraps is the unregistered version, it naturally takes small 30 second clips. I'm good with that, and hopefully you'll find these 30 second clips entertaining! (Going to be fun to see them all strung together.)

Today's clip shows Kyle casting a tempest to finish off Do-Daga and his companion. Amber had (just before this clip) let loose with a centaur that got Do-Daga to the point that the wave blast from tempest would finish him off.

I hope everyone is enjoying Dragonspyre. I'm actually avoiding it at the moment. I kind of don't want to get too into it yet until it goes live. /shrug I'd rather not have the feeling of repeating content too much.

Feel free to leave me a comment on your impressions of Dragonspyre or just to say hello.


Happy Dueling!

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