Friday, January 2, 2009

Vote Wizard 101

Yup . . . I'm liking Kingsisle's new newspage that I mentioned below. Go cast your vote for MMO of the year at MMOHUB for your favorite game. I registered and cast my vote on their forums, but it looks like you can respond right on the page I linked to.


I'm not sure how it works, but it would be cool to see Wizard 101 make the top list.

I'm sure my faithful reader Brenda would have an amazing list. In fact, you can read about all the MMOs she played in 2008 on her blog.



brenda said...

Aw, *hug* THANKS!!! :)

brenda said...

2.5 kids? When's #3 due? Congrats!

stingite said...

The word from the doctor is 3 July! (I guess 2.3 would be more accurate hehe)

Thanks, Bren! :-)