Monday, January 26, 2009

kkthxbye test server. :(

Well, the test realm will now close its doors for the time being.

Here's the note from KI. I wonder if they'll reset our characters when they open the doors again?

Test Realm Temporary Shutdown

We really appreciate that all our Subscribers enjoyed playing on our Wizard101 Test Realm!

Now that we have launched Dragonspyre and Player vs Player, we will be taking down the Test Realm, but only temporarily.

Don't worry, we'll be calling on you again to test out new features that are coming to Wizard101 soon, so watch the notifications on our website and our Sneak Peek page.


brenda said...

I wonder what's next for W101? I'm hoping they are working on appearance slots and player customizable housing, personally :)

stingite said...

All those things would be awesome, agreed!