Friday, January 9, 2009

Free the Plague Oni's Loot Table!

I was reading over at Tipa's blog this morning about her horrible luck with the Plague Oni's Loot Table.

I had some spare time, so I took Thomas Lionblood and Kyle Skystaff down to pay the Plague Oni a visit.

Oddly enough, The same "trash loot" shoes dropped for me as well.

Here's a conspiracy theory for you! LOL! The game senses when you hit "print screen" and pops out the most appropriate loot: The footwraps of pictures. Indeed, the picture will last longer than the shoes will in my backpack.

ON THE OTHER HAND . . . there's always the other hand isn't there? . . . Kyle got a really nice storm caster robe . . . exactly what he needs when he's level 40.

Weird. I'll keep running tests and reporting results.

Happy Dueling!


brenda said...

Wow, I was prepared to testify that Plague Oni NEVER dropped good loot!

Loading Dragonspyre now.

dragonball1 said...

ok it is not true you don't get good loot for everyone cause my first time i got his ice blade and my friend got a pet! really cool too
just on your luck i guess killed him again the next day and i got a pet! i must be lucky any ways not true he does drop some good stuff.

stingite said...

Awesome luck, Dragonball1, and thanks for posting that you've had some good luck with the Plague Oni. Duly noted.

The thing you got to remember here when posting to an old thread like this is that things change over time. Back in october, this very well *may* have been true. It's hard to know since not all changes are announced in the patch messages.

I was showing in this post that Kyle received his Moo Shu storm robe on the first try. That used to be something of value, but now that malistaire holds the best robe, I wouldn't have to farm this mob over and over to get it.

I guess we can consider the plague oni's loot table free now?

Others, feel free to post your luck results with the plague oni too!

p.s. I hope people realized that I was making a joke with my conspiracy theory. LOL.

Tim T said...

I just went up against the Plague Oni for the first time early Sunday, and fell asleep on my companion just as we neared completion. Even though she beat him, my computer logged me out as I sat drooling on the keyboard in fitful slumber. I had to go back on Sunday afternoon to complete it, and he dropped the ice sword. With my ninja garb, it could not have been more perfect. Yesterday I realized I missed the book (egads I thought, this will be the third time I have to face this beast.) The third time being a charm, I recieved The Defiler's tunic of aspirations (balance) which is a sweet robe. Thinking this must be a goldmine, I fought him yet again. The fourth time I picked up the Plague cowel of aspirations! I am going back to see if he may throw down some boots to match the assorted choice loot.