Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Dragonspyre Mish Mash Part II

I've been having fun messing around in the Chasm and also in the first two parts of Necropolis.

I needed to clear off all these video files, so I could have some hard drive space for an interview I'm doing tomorrow . . . (hint, stay tuned--good stuff incoming to this blog soon!!)


Here's another mish mash from Dragonspyre.

Happy Dueling!


brenda said...

I wanna read the interview NOW!!!! I don't wanna wait until you actually do it!!!

Heh :) Good luck with it! Ask him what his favorite song is, and then whatever he says, ask him if he liked the Britney Spears version.

stingite said...

haha! Well the interview was done yesterday. Now it's just a matter of transcribing from a garbled audio source. /smacks head . . . you think you have technology figured out and then it goes and gets messy on ya.

brenda said...

oh, I wonder why I didn't remember it was yesterday! Well, looking forward to it.