Sunday, January 18, 2009

Activate Dragonspyre Switch!

I'm not going to reprint this announcement.



*distant cheers in the background*

Have fun out there and stay tuned!

**UPDATE: Ok, I logged on just to check that this hasn't gone live yet . . . nope, I shall be there at 7 am CST seeing if I can get into the game. Apparently it may stretch beyond the 3-7 am window they are currently advertising.

ALSO, don't miss that Felix Navidad will be exiting stage right, tonight is the last chance to buy his pets . . . and just so you don't miss it: "Spells have been added to existing Jack Frost and Santa's Little Helper pets." Pick up those pets tonight, kids!**

Happy Dueling!

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brenda said...

It just finished downloading :)