Thursday, August 22, 2019

#Blaugust2019 Day 22 -- The KI Krushers!

I had a great time playing Overwatch last night! That's saying something as well since the past couple weeks, uh. I've been really NOT interested in playing Overwatch. But Wednesday nights for me are typically Overwatch Comp nights where I play heals for the officially unofficial KingsIsle Comp Team! I tried to make us a logo once for fake jerseys but . . . it didn't stick.

See what I did there? KI . . . Krushers?  Also, who wouldn't want to pay homage to the amazing Overwatch league recruitment video where Krusher99 is a scrappy kid who makes his way through the ranks to play as a professional!

Anyway last night we did really well, and the team hung in there for me to complete my five "support" placement matches to help me get placed.

We ended up with four wins and one loss, and the loss we did have was really close.

For support I played my boy Lucio as well as Mercy and Moira. I typically play a little Bridgette, but after her changes, she just isn't the same to play. (Special thank you to The Art of Warlord who played a few Quick Play matches with me before my comp matches so I could come to that decision before playing comp tonight.) Brig just feels a little weaker now, so you can't just be crazy with the front line anymore . . . or at least I can't, so until I figure out how to play Brig again, I'm stickin' with the classics.

I love playing heals for these guys:

  • Elik, who typically plays Pharah for the group, was on heals with me last night. 
  • Kajind typically rocks the Hanzo and sniper types. 
  • Silversteel flexes and usually plays heals with me, but last night he was one of those scary DPS players . . . and when he plays Symmetra, it's terrifyingly awesome.
  • Snarkygoblin is typically our shield tank. SOLID! Love his Rein play. 
  • Velo typically grabs a tank spot and that's usually Hammond.

The above list features a director, a designer, and four software engineers. You know what . . . I'll call my healing for these guys "Dev Appreciation" for Blaugust this week. ;)

Happy Dueling!

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