Wednesday, August 14, 2019

#Blaugust2019 Day 14 -- King Gobtruffle, the Gems of War Fun Guy!

Gems of War added a brand new Delve into the game about 3 weeks ago called Amanithrax. This delve centers around all things mushroom and disease . . . and it makes me crave a pepperoni and mushroom pizza when I play there.

It's kind of cool when Gems of War adds Delves to the game because you get a little quest line along with it. in Amanithrax's quest line you join one of Gems of Wars most notable-weird-drunk-old-guy NPCs on a romp through a giant mushroom forest. Brian the Lucky is under the belief he will find a special periwinkle-colored mushroom here that will bestow upon him magical powers that will make him no longer the forgotten about troop in your selection of troops and instead be the greatest warrior in all of Krystara.

Of course, he got the information from a very back-stabby source, so it's obviously not going to end well. As you stomp through the mushroom forest you discover that the boss of the Delve is a goopy-looking goblin named King Gobtruffle, and Brian is absolutely certain that Gobtruffle's lair is where he'll find his periwinkle mushroom.

Brian makes several toasts to oddly named made up Gods along the way like Jaylanstore, God of Regicide and Fungolfin, God of Mushrooms.

He also overshares about the reason he knows so much about fungus . . . eww.

Eventually you reach the final stopping point and face the mighty King Gobtruffle, who also appears to be the king of "F" alliteration: "Face my fungal fury, fools!"

Unfortunately Brian doesn't find his Periwinkle Mushroom here, but he's not one to lose hope.

Ahh, Brian. I like the quixotic cut of your jib, sir. Here's a toast to Astaea, goddess of innocence!

The theme of this new delve reminds me of a certain adventure I had in D&D. If you've ever played through Out of the Abyss, you'll know what I'm talking about. Your group of adventurers will most likely at one point take a romp through a town made of living mushrooms only to eventually see the summoning of Zuggtmoy herself, the demon queen of Fungi.  It was a pretty epic adventure in the underdark where you get terribly lost and run madly away from horrible gods as they are summoned up from the different factions that live underground.

I wonder if one of the Gems of War Devs played through that D&D campaign as well!

Anyway, I'm out of time today, but perhaps tomorrow I'll talk a bit more about the enemies encountered here and the troops you can win by playing through Amanithrax. I keep wondering how I can put one of these Delve troops to good use. Perhaps I could explore that a bit as well.

Happy Dueling!

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