Tuesday, August 13, 2019

#Blaugust2019 Day 13 -- Sega CD Party!

Yesterday's blog post about Desert Bus kind of broke out into a discussion over Twitter about Sega CD and specifically my co-worker Joel's idea to have a Sega CD Party at work. YES! I'M IN!

Unfortunately my Sega CD went belly up several years ago, but I still have my games. Here's what my small stash of games is looking like.

So I don't even remember a few of those, but the three games I really loved out of that collection were as follows:

- Double Switch. OH MY GOSH SUCH A GOOD GAME! At least I think I remember it being a good game. How could any game that features the acting talents of Corey Heim be bad?

- Dungeon II Skullkeep. So, there was this season in my life where I didn't have any kids yet and my mom had hooked us up with a big box of smoked pork chops for Christmas. I'd come home from college, cook up a pork chop, and play the heck out of Dungeon II Skullkeep. It was a first person perspective dungeon crawl where you move one block at a time. These days I'd rather play The Legend of Grimrock, which is in the same vein as this game, but more modern.

- Dragon's Lair. For obvious reasons. It was a childhood favorite and when it came out for the Sega CD, I lost my mind.  Now you can get it on the app store for 5 bucks. It was absolutely mesmerizing as a kid in the arcade.

The other games were ok . . . I think I remember something about Mad Dog Mcree being a fun game. Wild Woody (I honestly can't believe that game's name) was kind of an earthworm jim type of a game if I remember right. Wheel of Fortune I think was simply unique at the time because of the video component?

The really big question I have is . . . what the heck happened to my copy of Sewer Shark?!?! That was the game that convinced me to buy a Sega CD in the first place. I was playing drums in a band and the guitarist had just bought a Sega CD, and we played Sewer Shark for hours at his house. I was sold.

Anyway, SEGA CD PARTY!!! I'd love to play a few of these games again. Let's make that happen.

Happy Dueling!

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