Friday, December 27, 2013

Awesome Thing #14 -- Allan Ghostdust

In case you missed this, Allan Ghostdust is a new NPC in Khrysalis who gives you a fourth potion bottle. (Yesterday's post about Potion Motion jogged my memory about this.)

You can read more about the real life Allan's visit to KingsIsle on this Facebook post here.

This was again, very touching, and it was my privilege to meet Allan and talk with his family briefly. Although I wasn't as heavily involved with this Make-A-Wish visit as I was when Ryan visited us, I did get a chance to introduce myself as "The Friendly Necromancer" and show off the promotional Pirate101 map we sent out to all Wizard101 players back when Pirate101 launched.

Experiences like these are really once in a lifetime and very heartbreaking and fulfilling at the same time . . . meanwhile all those who have at least done the first few introductory quests in Khrysalis get an extra potion bottle in Wizard101! :)

Happy Dueling!

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