Saturday, December 21, 2013

Awesome Thing #8 -- Sun Magic on Low Level Spells

Ever since Sun Magic came out circa, what, 2010, it's been the hottest hot sauce of them all.

What I especially love about Sun Magic is that you apply it to a card like a treasure card and suddenly that spell takes on a new life, and there's nothing more awesome than applying a Colossal Card to a low-level spell along with a Sharpened Blade on a regular blade charm and WHAM!

. . . all of a sudden a wimpy little Vampire card is hitting in the thousands. If you would have shown me fast hits with Sun magic cards back in 2009, I would have been blown away . . . and I think we all were and still are in love with these cards. Using those little four pip AOE spells like meteor combined with all that Sun Magic goodness are a favorite trick of Uber Wife. :) And because of that alone, Sun magic on low level spells gets the official stamp of awesomeness from me!

Happy Dueling!


Arlen Dawneyes said...

As a myth wizard, I cannot imagine going without my Colossal spells. I still use Humongofrog all the time, about 70 levels after I trained it. No high pip AoE spell, no problem :)

Dakota Silverbane said...

Daily Friendly posts ftw.

R. Shadows said...

Hi, Friendly!
I'm a long time reader of your blog, and I've always had a question on my mind. Now that you work at Kingsisle, I was wondering if you could answer this to me: Does Wizard101 have any Lord of the Rings influence? Things like Heckhound, Helephant, and many other things seem to be based off of LOTR. Just a question :)
-Richard Shadowstaff

Stingite said...

@R. Shadows: Sounds like a great question for King Artorious himself!