Thursday, December 19, 2013

Awesome Thing #6 -- King Artorius and his spells

So, in case you didn't know, once you get to Khrysalis, you gather up this funky bunch of peeps known as the council of light, and while on this quest you pay another visit to your old buddy King Artorius in Avalon. He sends you on to the Lady of the Lake, but in passing, he gives you a super awesome spell . . . for free . . . which (as the title of this post and whole series indicates) IS AWESOME! There's no hoops other than the 90 levels of hoops you've already jumped through . . . just, here: have this spell. I LOVE that.

The Duelist101 site put together a cool video of all the King Artorius spells (one for each class) for everyone to enjoy.

I love this spell, and although it's not a health drain spell, it's a super powerful single target hit with a couple of surprises for each class.

It's awesome . . . it's awesome thing number six!

Happy Dueling!

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