Sunday, December 15, 2013

Awesome thing #2 -- Health Drain Spells

You can only find them in the Death school line of spells, and it's still one of my favorite things about my chosen class . . . health drain spells! From the first time I cast a Ghoul as a baby necro to just last night when I hit a mob with Dr. Von's Monster, It's a totally awesome thing about Wizard101.

It finishes off a mob and it makes sure you're at full health for the next battle.

I can't express how much that helps play this game. Overpowered? Maybe, but if it brings the happy, it brings the happy, and it's definitely an awesome spell mechanic in Wizard101.

Happy Dueling!

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Tabitha WG said...

Totally agree!! I am Death school, with a secondary of Myth. Just at level 52, so a Feint, Blades with a lucky critical hit and my full health can be restored with Wraith! Awesome :)