Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Ryan's Make a Wish Visit to KingsIsle

I wanted to make sure to catalog this video here on this blog because . . . well . . . at the end of the day, this is what it's all about.

You get to shortly see Ryan and me playing before lunch at the 5:00 minute mark. hehe. It was my honor to get to play a few rounds of Pirate101 with Ryan. We're both Witchdoctors! :) At the same time we were playing together, his brother and sister were hanging out in the same room while and we were all talking about the game with Blind Mew. Ryan's older brother plays the game with him and his sister had never played the game. She had a lot of questions, and who knows, maybe she'll pick up the game too! Ryan was playing in one of our conference rooms that has a HUGE TV mounted on the wall. (I seriously love playing Pirate101 on that screen--the game looks great on it).

At the 11:15 mark, Ryan and I go through the Internal servers and look around a bit. We mostly looked at the new player housing the week before it was released. :)

At the 12:13 mark we unveil his poster and Ryan's Yum-n-Ade stand while I drive the computer. Something that's not seen in this video is the amazing work behind the scenes that had to happen to tie Ryan's vocals to the stand and get it working in a stable build of the game in time for our big reveal of the Yum-n-Ade stand to Ryan. Kudos KingsIsle team from me!

Ryan and his family are great people, and it was my honor to meet them. It was a very special day that I will mark among the finest during my employment with KingsIsle. For the full story, please check out the KingsIsle blog.

Happy Dueling

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