Monday, December 30, 2013

Awesome Thing #17 -- Finally Getting that Piece of Gear

Heh. I haven't had this feeling lately since I haven't really farmed for anything in a while (although if I ever get back to Aquila in my adventures, I hear there's a few things there I will want to pick up). BUT, I'm digging back into ancient history here for this Wizard101 example:

It says it all at 2:08 seconds . . . then, like a light at the end of a dark tunnel . . . MY HAT! I think the next time I really felt that same pull to farm an area over and over like that was when Waterworks gear came out. But, really, winning that coveted prize from the depths of a loot table is really what keeps a lot of MMOs going. There are many items that I wanted in certain games that I never got and they STILL haunt me. There was a hammer in Everquest . . . Vander's Bane. Never got it. Or the Blackblade of Shahram in World of Warcraft. Never got it.

Eventually it's all very meaningless, but at that moment where you've worked hard trying for that one thing . . . and you finally get it . . . AWESOME!

Happy Dueling

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