Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Awesome Thing #11 -- Blade Stacking

Hehe. Really there's no need to rehash blade stacking, which has been done exhaustively in every venue of Wizard101 . . . and it's that exact thing that makes it marvelous. Remember that moment when you first started playing the game and you realized that . . . HEY . . . these percentages of blades and traps really stack up the damage!!! I think most players experience that somewhere in Krokotopia--probably the moment you talk to Niles, the Balance tree. (OH DANG IT! I just realized that I need an awesome thing post on Niles! LOL.)

I guess my real first attempt at explaining Blade Stacking happened here on this post.

I loved making that video:

MAN! Those were the days! Then came the era of 1,000,000 hits with crazy low damage spells like wand strikes.

Yup, blade stacking and Wizard101 go hand in hand . . . which definitely makes it an awesome thing! I'd wager overkill has never been finer in any game. :)

Happy Dueling!

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