Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Awesome Thing #18 -- Two-boxing

I don't know how many players run multiple accounts at the same time like I do, but Wizard101 is just one of those games where it accomodates "two-boxing" very well. 30 seconds is ample time to make two decisions. In fact, 30 seconds is ample time to make four decisions as long as your deck is set up correctly, but it's much more enjoyable for me to only control two accounts at once (less teleporting around and set up time).

I first heard the term two-boxing back in the days of Everquest when people would play two accounts at the same time on two different computers (there was no way a single computer could handle the processing needed to play two instances of the game at the same time) . . . this was usually done with a dps class or tank paired with a healer. It was very easy to put your healer on auto-follow, set your dps to attack, click the heal button on your cleric, and continue to grind something down until you won!

It seems a bit anti-social in a social game to play two accounts by yourself, but a lot of times the difficulty of social games are tuned to encourage playing with others, which makes a lot of sense. Unfortunately in real world situations you don't have the luxury of a time zone that allows friends and not everyone is willing to assist you at the drop of a hat. Two-boxing overcomes that and two-boxing a storm wizard with Tempest with any other class in Wizard101 is pretty amazing.

. . . and because Wizard101 accomodates two-boxing so well . . . it's awesome!

Happy Dueling!


Austin Pace said...

Oh man, I wish I could do that. I wish I had 2 accounts so I never needed help again :D

RaltsMaster said...

JUST discovered two-boxing a few days ago, so now my ice wizardess, Amy MistCloud, is aiding my Death Wizard Amber Rainbow through Dragonspyre and Ravenscar. AWE. SOME.

It also helps Amy vent whenever she gets stuck, like in Avalon. :(