Thursday, December 26, 2013

Awesome Thing #13 -- Potion Motion

I've been playing all the minigames again lately because the 4-year-old has been interested in them when we play Wizard101 together. Although I wouldn't say Potion Motion is the most fun game of them all, I will say it remains the quickest way to return to the fun of questing in Wizard101, right? Although these days Wizards usually are swimming in cash to the point that they'd rather just talk to Hilda Brewer and refill with gold, but the speed at which you can fill your potion bottle with this minigame remains really good.

The reason why is that the "three in a row" you have to connect doesn't need to be "in a row." You just have to make three similar potion bottles touch, which is easily done by the quick random dragging across the screen technique. You'll have the needed score in no time flat -- like 15 seconds or so . . . maybe less. :) By the time the difficulty ramps and new potion types like the heart bottle start appearing on the screen, You've well exceeded the threshold here.

Which makes Potion Motion awesome!

Happy Dueling

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