Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Spell of the Week -- Dr. Von's Monster

The Spell of the Week this week is currently the highest level spell in the Necromancer's arsenal. It's also the reason why I didn't get many responses for the Spell of the Week this week. You can't craft an item with it (yet) or cast it as a treasure card (yet). All in good time.


As the card shows, it's a 9-pip life-stealing death-magic spell with the typical 85% accuracy and a little bit of a surprise punch at the end in the form of a -25% healing debuff kicker. Dr. Von's Monster is a nice replacement to Wraith in the progression of single target spells in the Necromancer's health drain line. It's definitely up there with pip count and is meant for larger and harder monsters than you'd find in any pre-Dragonspyre area, but luckily spells like Empower can help you get up to that 9-pip count quickly.

I received four entries into the spell of the week by four awesome necromancers. Check 'em out:


First up is a picture from Claire:

Claire adds, "I never realized how hard it is to get the perfect shot. The first one criticaled, but i didn't get the picture with the hit. And then he had to go and death shield. If I could have gotten the words in, it would have said 'A little overkill never hurt anyone... except you.'

Thank you for giving me a reason to set a new record for myself. (Though I know it's not all that impressive)"

Claire! NICE HIT! You're right. I had to take my Dr. Von's picture at least 4 times until I could find one I liked. Thanks!


Justin Shadowblade:

Yes! Definitely go check out



OH MAN, Taunting the Storm wizards! LOL

Allison Deathwielder:

Allison adds, "This spell was easy to find because, well, i am a necromancer lol. Anyway, You knew about Frank being the death spell before many of us. When its school was revealed, many people saw it as a rejected storm spell that was just dead enough to be a death spell. (or something like that.) I would really like to hear your thoughts on those ideas against Katz."

Some Death students seem to be burnt on this spell, and a lot of people at first thought this spell was a Storm school spell because of its original name (Dr. Katzenstein's Monster) and its lightning filled look. But, as we know, KingsIsle likes to take us to the movies. If there was ever a screen representation of classic reanimation of the dead, it's in the original Frankenstein movie where Dr. Frankenstein explains how he has stitched together dead bodies and found a way to use light beyond the Ultraviolet spectrum to bring random dead flesh back to life (even keeping a human heart beating without a body).

Truly a classic tale of necromancy. Reanimation of the dead (or creation of the undead as shown in that clip) is what we're all about, right? Makes sense to me!


Thanks everyone for your participation!

Happy Dueling!


Anonymous said...

aww sry i missed the deadline but i couldnt find a single necromancer that would summon his frankenstein for a picture to give to you

either way keep up the good work with those spells of the week maybe next time ya can say pick a spell from the ice line of spells again
cough ice giant cough

well cya friendly

Anonymous said...

Makes sense to me too. After all, necromancers drain life force, and living things run off of electricity. So in a very real way, electricity is life force.

I like to imagine us necromancers coming up with an equation through our studies that converted life force into electricity, and vice versa. It's the physics student in me talking. ;)

Anonymous said...

yay i made it! :D and yes i taunted storm wizards! >:D