Saturday, January 28, 2012


Imagine my surprise as a gift arrived in the mail from a local VIP on the Friendly Necromancer blog, Mr. Todd Rogers. Todd is awesome sauce, but I had no idea of the lengths he'd go to pull off the most awesome wizard101 fan gift ever!


I remember Fred Howard one time saying to me back in 2009 that he wished fans would "do more" for Wizard101. Since that time I think it's pretty safe to say the fans have gone the extra mile for their favorite game.

This is the latest example:

HAHA! It's a bottle of Falmea Hot Sauce. I really got to hand it to Todd here. This is awesomesauce at its finest . . . goes well with taquitos.

I probably shouldn't have opened that bottle. (Actually, I didn't open that bottle. Amber opened it when I had my back turned.) It is labeled after all . . . it's bottle 49 out of 48. I ain't kiddin'.

Todd tells me he shipped the other 48 to KingsIsle's offices as a holiday gift. He reserved the 49th bottle for me. Is there a 50th bottle for him? I think he told me he did that if memory serves me on that particular conversation.

Anyway, I will definitely keep the bottle, but for now it's in with my collection of hotsauce in the fridge. I gotta have me some hotsauce.

Thanks for the gift, Todd! *toasts with another bite of falmea'd taquito*


SPICY Dueling!


Elijah Stormheart said...


Mark Silversword said...

Friendly I have the same hot sauces (besides the falmea hot sauce) as u. Did u get them in a tiny briefcase like me?

Ian said...

EPIC! And you can't go wrong with Taquitos!

Anonymous said...

Funny thing, actually. I just had a TON of taquitos.... Now I'm wishing for some hot sauce! Reserve a 51st bottle for me!

Jessica DarkThief said...

That's awesome! When I read the blog title, though, I thought it meant that you thought Falmea was hot.... o_O

Stingite said...

@Mark: YES! I won it as a Christmas prize. I'm overflowing with hotsauce LOL.

@Jessica: hehe, I think that might have been part of the original joke. ;p

Destiny Soultamer said...

XD I overuse hotsauce, that looks awesome..I wonder how it would taste on Indonesian food...