Saturday, January 28, 2012

Angus Wins by a Hair in Grand Chasm Past

I've been inspired lately by a reader of this blog named Rylee Icehaven. Rylee is a really nice wizard of the spiral who's been taking on the Angus Unicornpants challenge. Rylee says there's a swear jar for this character (you know, a jar where you toss in a dollar every time you accidentally let loose with a swear word) but has made it to Newgate Prison in Marleybone. :) I've been there, done that. Playing an Angus character is tough.

That inspiration coupled with the fact that I've taken enough time off from playing Angus to recover, made me ready for more this morning! BRING ON THE PAIN!

It wasn't too bad actually. I started off with a sidequest involving taking out General Greystone in the Plaza of Conquests. He fell easily enough, and I was feeling pretty good about that win since it was coupled with a Death Cyclops pet! That'll go nicely in the shared bank for Thomas. I think that'd be his second Death Cyclops if I remember right.

Next, I went back to my main quest line and finished out the current and past versions of The Grand Chasm . . . including the grueling march through the security tower to charge the crystal that powers the time machine. Again, not too bad!

The Firetusk fight in Grand Chasm Past was an interesting one, but nothing too terrible other than those hitpoints I had to chew through. That's definitely something about Dragonspyre . . . everybody has enough health to make them dangerous, even Vasek Ashweaver. He's solo, but he still has 7,000 health.

I actually made the mistake of going into this fight at half health, which for Angus is like 500 health. whoops! I recorded the entire fight, but it's really the last few moments you have to catch.


Now it's on to the Necropolis and our old friend Sylvia Drake. :) I'm not really looking forward to the Labyrinth. Gulp.

Happy Dueling!


Ryan LifeGarden said...

ANGUS! ANGUS! ANGUS! What I'd really like to see is you going to the Waterfront and soloing Belloq. I'm really amazed at how far Angus has gotten! Good luck.

Anonymous said...

Wow, that was close. Nice going Angus!

You should consider getting the Death spell Steal Health. 300 drain on your minion for 1 pip, and you get all of that health back. You can even enhance it with toughs and stuff. Since the storm minion always is healing himself, you can drain him again and again and again.

Anonymous said...

wow angus is getting powerful

my money goes to his biggest challenge will be ZF
since those guys always uses aoe first round like all the time angus's health will go down fast

Christopher Dragonfriend said...

I am actually working on my own wizard similar to Angus. My newest Wizard's name? Jason UnicornBlood.
In other words: Challenge accepted.