Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Spell of the Week -- Hydra

The spell of the week today is one that I remember fondly from an old school video from Quantize, an old school player who used to comment on this blog quite often back in the day; he's long gone now, but you still get to see the hydra cast in the first 45 seconds of his video.


As he states in the video, the hydra spell (from the balance family) does three types of damage--fire, ice, storm. It's a 6-pip cost balance spell with an 85% accuracy rate that's up there pretty high on the Balance School tree at level 42.

You can also find this card on items (woot old school crowns gear) and as a treasure card that you can craft, find as a drop, or garden up.

Since the spell separates its damage into three distinct types, sometimes people will use it as a shield breaker spell more than a damage spell. Any way you use it, it's just simply cool looking, and the readers of the Friendly Necromancer have shown their support and sent in a number of these for us to look at.

Jason Thudershield:

John Legendmancer:

Teri Spell:

Alex Mythblood:

Cori Rosepetal:


Elijah Stormheart:


Nathan Goldenshield:

Ebony Titanfist:

Rogan Johnson:

"Burn the MANDER"

Ronan Shadowhammer:

"Ready, Aim, Fire"

David Spiritblossom:



Richard Spiritbright:

"Hot enough for ya?"

Jordan Golden:

"A lion still roars while facing bigger enemy!"

Chris Mythbringer:

"Trying to dodge it eh?"

John Mistthorn:

Travis Darksong:

"I'll turn you into ashes!"

Destiny Soultamer:

Michael Spiritblossom:

**burn the troll!**

Joe Thunderhammer:

"Your fate is sealed!"

Alric Blood:


Steven Dragonspear:

"^Bloodymary, Bloodymary, Bloodymary!^"

Savannah Blueriver:

Savannah adds, "Well, I figured that you were going to get a lot of pictures of the spell, so I sent a picture of my old hydra pet casting it instead :) Hope you like it. (And I sent a pic of the actual spell in case you didn't!)"

Thanks, Savannah! Cute Hydra you have there. :)


Bryce adds, "I would also like to add that this spell took forever to find. It just didnt want to show up into the bazaar so i finally got onto my sister's balance wizard to cast the spell."

:) Glad you found one regardless. Thanks for the picture!


Seth adds, "Here's my photos for this weeks spell. Note that I used the hawkrider gear for hydra since the lv.50 tier robe gives a hydra item card."

Awesome that you found the spell on some gear!


Whew! That was a lot of spells, and I'm out of time! Although I've never promised crown codes for participation, I've been surprising those who do with a little code in their email the past few weeks. Thanks everyone for your participation, and I'm sorry that I'm not able to reward you all with crowns codes this week or address all of your e-mails. I'm simply out of time today (late for work even), and I've just received far too many entries this week. I think in the future I may start to run this as more of a contest to see who can provide me with the best picture and only post maybe 5 instead of 27 pictures (and award crowns this way as well). The amount of pictures is becoming unwieldy and has caused delays in my page loading times that are unacceptable (even causing crashes for a few readers). More information will be forthcoming.

Thanks again everyone! Great work!

Happy dueling


Honorary Detective said...

I totally missed this one! I was busy at the time, at least you got enough pictures! :)

And yeah, I was meaning to tell you that you were doing really great with this, every week I noticed you were getting more and more pictures than before!

Pretty fun.

Destiny Soultamer said...

"...and I'm sorry that I'm not able to reward you all with crowns codes this week or address all of your e-mails."
Hey, that's okay. I do Spell of the Week for the fun of it!

Anonymous said...

The real reward to most of us is being able to have our pictures on your blog.
~ Jason ThunderShield

flash333 said...

Its fine that you can't always dish out prizes, it's actually pretty cool to do this and also see what others have done.

P.S. You got the order of my pictures wrong; "Dinner time!" should go first, followed by "Yummy, burnt spirit golem, my favorite!". I understand that you were rushed for time though.

Stingite said...

Aww thanks everyone! Great pictures. :)