Monday, January 30, 2012

Call for Spell of the Week

Ok folks, it's time to run another spell of the week, and even though it seems like I'm preferring fire spells 3 times out of 10, I gotta do another fire spell. LOL. Time to cast up your best FIRE ELF!

I think there's going to be a lot of competition on this one since it's so easy to find and we're only choosing the five best fire elves! Make it awesome! Good luck!

Send a screenshot of you casting a Fire Elf to by tomorrow night (31 January 2012), and I'll post your picture on my blog on the morning of 01 February.

Here's a mailto address link to get you started: Click Here.

Happy Dueling!


W.V.S said...

i was sure it would be Frankenstein.. *hands over money to friend* a 100 lost gold, lesson learned: betting can be unpredictable :D

Stingite said...

LOL! Well, I did that one three weeks ago. So the bet was destined to fail. :( sorry!

Anonymous said...

yay friendly thnx for this spell of the week

me and my bf both have pyromancer
characters and he gave up on the spell

now i can ignite him into using one again so he can enter this contest
but hey dont worry i will send you a pic of me casting one

from Destiny iceflame the friendly ice wizard