Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Spell of the Week -- Minotaur

This week's spell is the mighty . . .


It's truly an awesome myth spell and what many would call a "class defining" spell for Myth wizards with its shield breaking strike before delivering a final blow (although, Myth wizards have many unique spells in general--stuns, minions, etc.). Once you cast a few minotaurs you start to understand the real value of a blade over a trap. ;) Deadly in PvP and against single targets, Minotaur is a spell that totally says in your mind as you cast it, "HEY! *point* Don't freaking mess with me!"

You can find this spell not only in the Myth line (available at level 33), but also on treasure cards and on about five different items in the game.

We received 15 entries from wizards around The Spiral, each casting the Minotaur spell with much awesomeness. However, in an effort to narrow this down, my family helped me select our five favorite screenshots. Check 'em out!

Mitchell Battleflame:

Alexander Dragontamer:

Blaze Shadowhorn:

Julia Dragonsword:

Julia adds, "I have added some items from Greek mythology such as the minotaur's lair in the labyrinth (thats where the fight is located), the minotaurs brother getting revenge on Theseus (a guy in greek mythology who killed the minotaur), and lastly the string as the compass! Thanks for having this contest and have a great week! :D"
Kyle Firesword:

Kyle adds, "Hello Friendly, here is my Minotaur screenshot! My quote is "This is what happens when you drink too much Red Bull, you become a Minotaur and start wanting hugs!" (the minotaur in the picture looks like he is going to hug the other minotaur) Thanks! Kyle Firesword :D You probably cant see my pet life Minotaur I have equipped or my Blood of the giants badge, but they are both there!"

Thanks everyone for the great pictures!

Happy Dueling!


flash333 said...

Darn, my picture didn't get chosen, oh well (well granted I did kinda rush to get them since I thought they were gonna be posted yesterday). Great pictures this week, and I can't wait for next weeks sotw (spell of the week).

Ronan Ravenshard said...

Oh poop, I didn't get my entry in. Oh well :) LOL, on Kyle's picture, the Minotaur's leg looks broken.