Saturday, January 14, 2012

(Guest Post!) "Prince of the Forest" Spell from Lady Blade

I have a special guest post to share with you today from @LadyofBlades who keeps a great blog over at Lady of Blades. She shared with me an idea for a Life AOE spell that I thought was a pretty great idea. Check it out!


Hello everyone, this is LadyofBlades. First, I would like to thank the Friendly Necromancer for giving me the opportunity to discuss my spell idea with you. Now onto the idea.

New Life Spell Idea

A few weeks ago on Twitter, J. Todd Coleman asked people to submit new spell ideas. I submitted one or two but a couple of days later, one came to mind that I really liked and have not been able to get out of my head.

If you have ever played a Theurgist (Life Wizard), your biggest complaint is probably, “No AOE until level 58.” Oh the glorious moment when you arrive in Shoshun Village and see the Forest Lord for the first time. Sure he costs 8 pips but what a spell. However, like everyone else, I would love to see Theurgists get an AOE at either an earlier level or that costs less pips so I came up with one that fits both criteria.

Some of you will get the reference but the spell is called “Prince of the Forest”. He is a giant stag that emerges from a forest, deals 350 damage to all enemies for a cost of 5 pips, and then casts Brilliant Light on the Caster’s team. Do I have your attention yet? Keep reading then and I will explain the details.

Casting: When cast, the battle circle becomes a forest clearing and the Prince emerges. He stares at the opponents for a second, then his eyes glow green and he charges head down, antlers first. He stops just as he gets to the enemy and moves his head back and forth, scratching the enemy with his antlers. To attack another enemy, he rears on his hind legs and comes down in front of the next enemy to scratch them as well. When finished dealing damage, the Prince turns and bows to the caster and each of the caster’s allies, leaving behind a 15% Brilliant Light.(Special thanks to Katherine Light for the Brilliant Light idea.)

Since it only costs 5 pips, the damage should be equal or close to equaling that of level 3 and 4 spells. I wanted to get the same effect as other AOE’s without going overboard. For example, Myth’s Humongofrog does the same amount of damage as Cyclops and Death’s Scarecrow does 400 damage but costs 7 pips so the Prince needs to do less damage than Scarecrow but more than a level 3 spell because of the pip cost.

The reason for only 15% on the Brilliant Light is that a normal one is 30% but it is a level 55 spell which is way beyond what I think Prince of the Forest should be obtained. The other AOE spells are all obtained around level 22 (Balance excluded since theirs is level 16) Regenerate is obtained at level 28 so possibly around level 30 or 32.

That’s my idea to get Theurgists an early AOE. Thanks for reading and may your days be filled with blessings and magic.

~Lady Blade


Thanks Lady Blade! Keep up the great ideas. :)

Happy Dueling!


Elijah Stormheart said...

Wow, Lady Blade! That's a pretty good idea! I love it.

I've been thinking that maybe KI should have cards that interfere with player's decks... Like, for a cost of 2 pips, you can search a card out in your deck or extra deck.

Nicholas LionRider said...

Heh it's kinda like Unicorn, meets Forest Lord in the form of a deer :P

Honorary Detective said...

Great one!! I hope to see something like that in game in the future! :)

Wiz731 said...

Im willing to pay for this.Perfect spell for a life wizard.

Mitchel Lifecrafter said...

I have been thinking about like spells as well but more if we were to learn from the earth school but it would be a thorny vine that would attack very similarly to earthquake but then comes back to the caste's team and the vine blooms into a flower for each person healing like unicorn. I also thought for annother attack would be like the goblin boss at the end of tanglewood way who would emerge from bushes and have a jet of green light project from I giant wooden club that would be a single attack. Just my ideas any thoughts?