Thursday, January 5, 2012

Friendly Surrenders to the Super Hero Squad Online Paywall

I couldn't help myself. I had 10 bucks of Christmas money burning a hole in my pocket, and I wanted to speed things up . . . and that I have!

Since I had about 300 gold and 14000 silver banked, the extra 500 gold from a subscription plus the fact that gold populates the prize wheel everyday now PLUS the fact that you get 20 gold for logging in everyday instead of just 5 meant that I was able to buy an army of Super Heroes. Mostly Agent Only heroes mind you, but heroes none the less. That jumped my Squad level up, and all of a sudden I had an extra hero thanks to Colossus being the reward for getting your Squad level past 200.

It's like I'm drowning in heroes now! 21 heroes in fact and 11 of those are brand new. In essence, I doubled my squad size last night. LOL. (I highly recommend building up a lot of silver before you become a member, so you can buy all those Agent only heroes out of the gate.)

Forget paywalls, now I'm fighting herowalls. Leveling all these Agent Only heroes will be a high priority when I'm in game for now . . . that, earning tickets to spin the prize wheel, and finding all the hulks to play missions with:

Hmmmm, I imagine just spending some time chatting during busy times will help me find people to play missions with, or yes, I may have to buy those heroes myself (might take me a good portion of the month I think).

I'm only subscribing for a month at this point. I'm hoping that will be enough to get me through a few more challenges. As to be expected, my kids interests skyrocketed last night when they saw me purchasing hero after hero thanks to the subscription account. It wasn't enough to pull Kyle off of Roblox last night, but we'll see.

Until next time, this is the Iridescent Time Hound saying, hero up and . . .

Happy Dueling!


Honorary Detective said...

Nice! :P

Do you mind if I email you a short "check it out" picture of a really epic achievement I just got recently? I really want to share! :D

Stingite said...

yeah, that would be great! Send it along!