Sunday, January 15, 2012

Molly Gets Her Gnome On!

Uber Wife and I have been trying to take a second and third set of wizards through Zafaria. It's always a bit difficult coordinating our schedules.

I got to hand it to Bailey though, she's done the "lionblood's share" of the work preparing her storm wizard and Molly (a mutually claimed life wizard -- it's a long story involving my wife swiping my life character and claiming her as her own hehe) by getting them through both Celestia and Wintertusk.

Last night though, I played Molly and Bailey played Bailey (her storm wizard named Bailey that is) in the big Z! Zafaria! By the end of the night we were finished with the Savannah. Man that's a lot of fire lion people defeating. whew.

We were both psyched when Molly earned her Gnomes spell and was treated to the Gnome visitation in MooShu.

It's too bad these new spell appearances don't stick around longer like the old ones, right? I love to hold my visitations open for as long as possible. :)

So, we now have a gnome caster in the Team Friendly family!

If we could inspire Amber to play her character more, we'd have two gnome casters! ;)

Happy Dueling!


Anonymous said...


also i was wondering

i notice that my life towers in grub guardian boost speed but what do death towers do?

Anonymous said...

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Ryan LifeGarden said...

Congrats to bailey! I agree, it was fun seeing the gnome in Mooshu. I had my gnomes spell right before I entered the drum jungle, and it is now my spell I use to take out bosses because of its huge damage with a colossal card. How much trouble did you have with the blackback soldiers? Since I was still sort of in my lvl 68 "I just got a new spell" craze, I took them out one by one with a prismed gnome and the help of some friends. I admit, I was surprised at them using a FL for the first time, but I must say forest lords are sort of puny without any buffs. I thought the level 68 quest boss was going to be lots more challenging. How many level 68 spells have you gotten so far? Gnomes is especially useful in pvp because it dispels 2 healing spells, in which time you can finish off your opponent. Sorry for the long comment, I just have a lot to say concerning my opinion of the almighty gnomes spell!