Wednesday, January 18, 2012

spell of the week -- Centaur!

Hello readers! We have a great spell this week:


Centaur is simply a straight up damage spell, a classic spell, that for the cost of six pips will unleash a powerful life attack that does 515-595 damage. At 90 percent accuracy, it's hard for Centaur to miss. :) This card is available as a treasure card and an item card, and you can find all about where to get those from visiting Wizard101 Central's wiki page for Centaur.

The best part of this spell though has to be its animation, and the readers of The Friendly Necromancer did not disappoint. I couldn't bring myself to pick just five of these. I will be doing that eventually, but here they all are! Thanks everyone!

Mark Deatheyes:

Timothy Shadowslinger:

Timothy adds, "Here my centaur screenshot. Although I didn't catch it I love how the arrow makes a tree grow which then explodes and implodes."

Awesome job!
Destiny Soultamer:

Edward Lifegem:

Diana Wildheart:

p.s. here's Diana's blog addy:

Allison Deathwielder:

Allison adds, "LOL. ever since i had chosen life as a secondary i had regreted it because there were so much better things i could have trained. I would have bought back my tp's, if i had the crowns, but i am kinda glad i didnt at the moment, because thx to my lousy tp use early in the game, i had a centaur that i could just cast, yay.

Also, Friendly, I would like to know what made you choose this spell. Just a simple question, was there any reason behind choosing the specific spell?"

Thanks Allison! Well, at least as a life secondary, you'll always have a heal spell for when you're in a group! I actually chose this spell because I was playing Molly Earthsong this week. She's one of our life wizards. :) That and I haven't done a Life spell yet for spell of the week . . . Myth is next!

Blaze Shadowhorn:


Slibs Hobbleface:

Slibs adds, "Since I couldn't cast Dr. Von's Monster, now I can redeem myself with a 5,406 damage centaur! YAY!"

Nice redemption hit! :)
Heather Blade:

Cassandra Dragonheart:

Cass adds, "Here is MY shot of 'ol IronHawk --reference to one of THE best guide writers from Wiz101central who has since retired."

I really REALLY miss Ironhawk.

THE Joseph BlueFlame (life wiz):

Elijah Stormheart:

Seth Hunter:

Seth adds, "woo stringless bow attack!"

Alric Dragoneyes:

Alric adds, "Hey Friendly,

It took a couple of tries and some editing to get this shot.

Keep doing what you’re doing, it’s awesome."

I shall Alric, thanks for participating!

Fin Deathfinder:

Finn adds, "Hi Friendly. Thanks for the amazing blog, and this fun spell of the week thing. It must be very hard to organize it. Thank you for working so hard on your blog. We can all see the amazing job you do on each post.

-Fin Deathfinder

Oh ps the people in the first picture is Rush.(From left to right. Alex Lifeson. Geddy Lee[as the centaur]. Neil Peart. Oh and every one knows Kermit the frog.)"

NIEL PEART! :) Hey! I'm a drummer . . . of course I know who Niel Peart is. LOL.

Kyle Firesword:

Kyle adds, "Hello Friendly! This is my picture for the spell of the week of centaur! I decided to do it in the Elephant Graveyard, because I thought it looked creepy, sacred, and awesome all at the same time! :D Have a great week to you, your family, and all of your readers!!!"

Nice one, Kyle!
Alexander Fuego Audaz!

Alexander adds:Hi Friendly!

This spell of the week event is very fun! It's to sad that you have to upload to many pictures...

Well if your going to start choosing just some pictures I'm going to put extra effort on them.

By the way, thanks for the codes you game in previous weeks for this, but where can I change them?

thanks for the extra effort, Alexander! If I've ever given you a code, just go to, log in, and click the "redeem card or code" link that pops up on the left hand navigation column. Thanks!

Chris has the perfect trifecta of pictures:


Thanks everyone for your submissions! Centaur is a great spell and you all didn't disappoint. :)

Happy dueling!


Alexander Fire Blade / Alexander Fuego Audaz said...

Hi Friendly!

Thanks for posting my pic is a big honor.

Just one little thing, you misspelled mi name is ''Fuego'' (Fire) not Feugo.

Anyways, I know you have a lot of things to do so I don't blame you on that.

See ya, man!

-Alexander Fire Blade / Alexander Fuego Audaz

The Brave Pyromancer said...

Nice pictures everybody, I knew I forgot to do something and it was to find a centaur. ack.

Ronan Ravenshard said...

I seriously can't stop thinking of Skyrim every time I see the centaur LOL. I really need to work more on Wizard101. Btw, Tom, tell Bailey thank you for the magma peas and raven pack! :)

James LifeStaff said...

Nice pictures everyone

Stingite said...

@Alexander: I fixed that up. thanks!

@everyone . . . Never played Skyrim LOL, so the joke is totally lost on me.

Ronan Ravenshard said...


It's because every single guard, and yes, I literally mean EVERY guard says this now "famous" line "I used to be an adventurer like you, but then I took an arrow to the knee.". It's everywhere in Youtube comments, so it gets annoying.