Friday, January 6, 2012

At long last . . . Grub Guardian

Sometimes KingsIsle just doesn't say a word. You know? It's not very often, mind you, that a press release or a community leader note doesn't show up when something new happens in game, but today was one of those days. I'm sure the announcement will happen in the next few days, but the most I've heard about Grub Guardian up to this point from KingsIsle has been, "It'll be done, when it's done." Well guess what . . . it's done--or at least close to being done. :)

I was casually browsing Twitter when I saw a few tweets about Grub Guardian being "live" from the awesome #twizard people. I immediately went to and indeed found a Grub Guardian game on the site with a "beta" note by it, but it seemed to be working just fine, and before you know it, I was playing up my pets outside the confines of Wizard101.

I was bummed when I found out it actually wasn't in the game yet, just on KIFreeGames. I was also bummed when I found it wasn't in the appstore for my iPhone. Then again, perhaps is the perfect place to run a beta like this.

If you're looking for Grub Guardian guides, there's already a dozen threads going over on Wizard101 Central. :)

Basically, Grub Guardian is a Tower Defense Game. You stack up your different types of guardians (each from a different school of magic) and they blast away at the hordes of baddies pouring forth and heading for your pet's food at the end of the trail.

What's extra cool is that your pet actually plays a part in the tower defense and at the end of the game, they gain pet experience and can even be fed pet snacks from your in game inventory (if you decide to play that way instead of for prize codes).

This can in fact lead to leveling your pet (although you don't really get to see what skills they gained . . . you have to log in to do that).

If you do really well at a level of Grub Guardian, you'll end up unlocking new, more difficult levels of play.

It's a ton of fun and can be really challenging. Once you develop a pattern of where to place your spells on the map and which spells to upgrade along the way, I'm sure it will become a lot easier. I expect YouTube videos of the patterns to be forthcoming any moment now. LOL.

Oh ok fine . . . let me be the first . . .

Woot! Oasis level done! Whew, now if I can just keep going. Some of these levels are tough!

Happy Dueling


Destiny Soultamer said...

I'm real thrilled to see a Tower Defense-like game on Kifreegames, I like the variety of games there, something for everybody. :)
I was wondering, do you have an opinion on the towers? Favored ones, not-so favored ones? What about enemies? I have had ENOUGH with the ghouls, they're annoying...and hungry for pixelized pellets...

Ryan LifeGarden said...

That looks really fun!

Anonymous said...


I've played one level and I'm already waiting for the mobile version. I love TDs, and if I can mix it with wizard101, all the better.

Blaze Soulmancer said...

I got a Heckhound from this! :D Thanks Friendly, I wouldn't have known about it ^.^!

Benjamin Dragonsword said...

I am SO addicted! I'm in celestia. Ravenscar is crazy fast, but that doesn't mean its really hard.

Benjamin Dragonsword said...

friendly how did you get all those mega snacks? Do you still have a huge Evil Magma Peas garden or something?

Stingite said...

@Destiny: I still need to unlock a lot of it and I'm still discovering what all the towers do. I like the idea of a mas life tower surrounded by max death towers though. ;) I've been leaning toward max myth towers, but it's really looking like each map has it's own strategy.

@Ryan: That it is!

@Anon: yeah, mobile version would be awesome. (Leveling pets at work shhhh lol)

@Blaze: Nice! Glad I helped!

@Benjamin: Wow! That's great progressin. yeah, the mega snacks all come from my evil magma pea garden. :)

Anonymous said...

hi again friendly

i recently started playing grub gaurdian and was wondering what does the life and death towers do

effect and all

from Destiny iceflame
lover of piggles and dragons

Benjamin Dragonsword said...

I finished a game of grub guardian and the gift received screen on the w101 site said
"You have received the following Wizard101 reward: Pet: Puff Dragon
But, the in-game redeem window just had a normal dragon on it, i checked and my "puff dragon" definitely wasn't there :( (PS, sry for triple posting, I am a huge fan of your blog).

Ryan LifeGarden said...

@Benjamin I agree GG is too addictive! Because I have a life tower, my myth guys fire even faster. At first I thought life towers would throw leaves or something lol. But the myth towers really help! Especially with a FL to speed them up by about 30%!