Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Wizard101 Goes to the Movies :)

This Wizard101 vid that came across Twitter yesterday from KingsIsle made me chuckle.

Nothing quite like Merle delivering famous movie lines. LOL. A little strange, but I'm going with it.

For those who may not know the movies these lines come from, here's a quick list in order of appearance:

1- Casablanca
2- Jazz Singer
3- Wizard of Oz
4- Dirty Dancing
5- King Kong
6- Forrest Gump
7- A Few Good Men
8- Dead Poets Society
9- Sherlock Holmes
10- Animal House
11- Jerry McGuire
12- Terminator
13- Scarface
14- The Sixth Sense
15- Frankenstein (woot +Klout!)
16- Titanic
17- Godfather
18- Dirty Harry
19- Sunset Blvd
20- Wizard of Oz (again)
21- Casablanca
22- James Bond
23- Jerry McGuire
24- Gone With the Wind
25- Abbott and Costello
26- Taxi Driver

Happy Dueling!


Destiny Soultamer said...

The line from Gone With The Wind is truly touching, is it not?

Duncan Daystone said...

That was pretty clever. I like all those unique shots for each film, particularly the Moriarty illustration a la Godfather :)

lady1380 said...

I thought it was especially impressive that the got the Casablanca line right (the second one)...

Joshua Lionbane said...

merle kinda sounds like yoda, lol