Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Spell of the Week -- Fire Elf!

The spell of the week this week is a little annoying guy we all know very well. With a jump or two in the air and a fire arrow aimed directly at your heart, I give you the . . .

Fire Elf

This great spell comes to you as early as 5th level and has been in the game since the get go. You can find this spell on treasure cards (even available at good ol' Harold Argleston's shop), items, and pets. This spell not only damages on the first round but continues to do damage over three rounds; therefore, this is an excellent spell for removing fire and tower shields and especially so due to its low pip cost.

I was kind of surprised this time around. I thought I would get pictures from everyone and their danger hound, but I only received eight entries . . . I felt a little dumb choosing the best five out of eight, so I decided to bag it and just post them all! hehe.

Check 'em out!

Rachel Windtalon:


Alexander Fire Blade / Alexander Fuego Audaz:

Blaze Shadowhorn:

Alexander DragonTamer:

Kyle Firesword:

Julia Dragonsword:

(Julia had fun with this one and sent in three pictures! ;))

Seth Hunter:

Thanks everyone for your participation and the great screenshots! I do appreciate you all putting your best foot forward.

happy dueling!


flash333 said...

I bet part of the reason not many people participated this week is because fire elf is a low rank spell and they don't want to be bothered with any attacks below rank 6 or 7.

These are some pretty good (and funny) photos this week. I can't wait for the next.

Alexander Fire Blade / Alexander Fuego Audaz said...

I'm kinda agree with flash333, maybe it is not a matter of how available it is,it's more about if people like or use that spell or not.

Anyways,anytime i can I will participate in this, I think is a big honor to colaborate and me mention in this blog.

-Alexander Fire Blade / Alexander Fuego Audaz

Anonymous said...

aww me and my bf didnt give it to ya in time
o well maybe are chance will come again

p.s. do ice next and keep in mind my ice is level 53