Thursday, October 24, 2013

Test Realm is Online -- Khrysalis Part 1 and more!

Get thee hence and read these here Update Notes from Professor Greyrose!

That's right, Khrysalis Part 1 is on the Test Realm with a bunch of other game changing improvements -- Castle Tours, Shadow Magic, a new gardening level, 5 more player levels, and more! WOOT!

Time for a couple quick stories from the office:

First story . . . So, one day, Professor Greyrose was out and she asked me to attend a weekly Wizard101 meeting in her absence. I went and took notes for her and when they revealed Shadow Magic at the meeting, it was pretty freaking awesome. The Wizards in the room saw I was having a fan moment, and they called me out on it. When it came time for reports from around the room they asked me if I had anything to say from the Pirate101 folks . . . I said, oh nothing, just we're getting shadow magic too. (Of course I was just deadpanning and letting my jealousy show through.) I will say that I did read through a very thick documentation packet about Shadow Magic a couple days ago, and it sounds very interesting! I hope it's awesome in application.

Second story . . . one afternoon a couple months ago I went out to eat with Gary Smith and his daughter, and he let me know about the upcoming Castle Tours system he was working on. Again, I was pretty blown away. The idea is genius. And . . . wow, that's just not a very interesting story . . . but I guess from now on there will always be a part of Castle Tours that will remind me of Japanese Hibachi Steak, which I guess is a good metaphor . . . at least it wasn't a Mcdonald's cheese burger lunch, eh? ;) Enjoy your steak, everyone!

Can't wait to hear your reactions and play through this new world.

Happy Dueling!

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Honorary Detective said...

Good to know there's new content still coming! I'm getting closer to the finale of Avalon, but it looks like Azteca will have to wait. (I'm one of those "lucky ones" to never have to wait for new content!)