Wednesday, November 27, 2013

And just like that . . .

Bad Pedro Pace dings 65!

That's max level for a Pirate currently for those of you keeping score at home. Bad Pedro is my second pirate to max level post-Aquila. How's about that?! (Those with more max level pirates on their accounts now scoff in my general direction . . . *fist bump* you guys rock!)

I just re-read what I posted last time I finished Pirate101 on Friendly Thomas back in late June early July, and I'm trying to think what I could add that hasn't already been discussed.

Of course, I'm not really done yet with the story portion, but I'm really stinking close. Scylla is my next quest, and it's just a quick few battles past that until being finished. I really am just feeling done now that I've hit 65 though. I think the players who talk about hitting the cap and not wanting to lose experience are swaying me to their side in this instance. I'm not sure though . . . it's so tempting to keep going.

So, I think this time through I was more aware of the separation of chapters than I was previously, and I did several side quests in Aquila that I skipped past last time. The Hydra fight was easier now that I knew what to expect. Actually, everything was easier. I used a lot of the same tactics I did with Friendly Thomas, only buffing with a Privateer is infinitely easier when facing up against Aquila's witchdoctors and the like. The concept of "Spread out!" doesn't really gel well with JuJu buffs like it does with Battle Zeal and Discipline.

One thing I did come to learn the past few days of concentrated playing was, holy . . . I so love the power of Nausica from the Empire Bundle! Her ability to move before firing coupled with her three tiers of guaranteed critical attacks -- well . . . I love it. She was my first mate for the past three days and owned everything in her path. BAM! Burst Fire! BAM! Burst Fire! BAM! Double Tap! BAM! Burst Fire! BAM!

I finished up the run much lower in Nautical level this time than I did with Friendly Thomas. So far I'm sitting at 51 Nautical . . . and I don't think I'm the only one that low. :) *points finger at low nautical leveled pirates reading this blog* YOU! ;)

Next up . . . Sly Kai the Buccaneer. He's been a little neglected there in Cool Ranch. I haven't talked much about Sly outside of his introduction post, and he's not much further than when I talked about him then -- Level 24 to be exact. My son kind of got lost in a vortex of other video games, and I don't know if he'll be coming back to Pirate101 for a bit (we were to level our pirates together) . . . so . . . Sly Kai, it's on!

What a beautiful pink sombrero you don, Sly Kai!

See you in the skyways!

Happy Dueling!

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