Friday, October 18, 2013

Thomas Lionblood does . . . Crab Alley? Crab Alley!

I logged on Thomas and I said to myself . . . ok . . . I'll just let the quest arrow guide me, go! I've got a ton of side quests in my quest log that I've never done, so I might as well clear them out.

Yup, I've never done Crab Alley on Thomas. I thought for sure I had, and I was just following the arrow to some random side quest in Crab Alley, but . . . nope! It was the full deal. (Not that Crab Alley isn't just one huge side quest anyway.) When I had done it before I was playing Myrna, duh.

Memories came flooding back to me (see what I did there?) about writing an article for Beckett's about Crab Alley. Good times!

I started out killing stuff and it was suddenly apparent that I had Waaaaaaaaaaaaay too deep of a deck for Crab Alley. Are you insane? Wait . . . don't answer that question. ;p

I started fishing through my decks to find one that was empty and that's when I realized . . . on yeah . . . you can rename your decks now. Thus Death Small Deck 1 was born!

By the end of my play time today, I was swimming in Deep Warrens and ready to EXPLORE MINI-CELESTIA! I can't believe they didn't name this zone mini-celestia! ;) jk.

Until next time, this is Thomas Lionblood, just blowing with the wind, er, rolling with currents in Wizard101.

Happy Dueling!


p.s. This video! (wish I could take credit for that video, but I was just a small part in its making -- silent props to the three people that helped make it happen AND, really, the entire team and fans for being awesome, would never been made without all of you and the work to make this stuff happen.)

Happy Dueling!

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