Monday, October 7, 2013

First Things First

I logged on Wizard101 this morning and set to checking my character out, and the first thing that was glaringly obvious was that . . .

. . . yeah, I look really weird and why am I in Wysteria? I was wearing a mishmash of things that just showed no thought or consideration into what really matters . . . looks. duh! And Wysteria? Really? Oh yeah, that's right . . . I was looking at the rabbit guards in Wysteria one day at work after talking with the writers about where all the rabbits in the game come from. That's right!

Anyway, I decided to head back into my old death house where I had a mannequin stashed with some old familiar clothes on it. It was time . . . time to get the goth TFN look back!

Yup! You know the one! Santa boots and all! It's the one I talked about in this post before stitching was even possible.


I'm back in business for the moment, and totally ready to hit the Halloween quests with Uber Wife today. I took the day off of work to celebrate her birthday with her (please feel free to wish her a happy birthday!), and the first item of the day after getting the kids off to school is definitely hitting Aquila and checking out the new Halloween quest in Wizard101 with her.

I'm all set. :)

Happy Dueling!


Icy Wiz said...

Happy Birthday Bailey! Being married to Friendly must keep you young. :)

Paige Dreamcloud said...

Happy Birthday to the Uber Wife :D

Anne Radcliffe said...

Happy Birthday, Bailey. My grandmother had an October birthday, which I always wished I had, because the birthstone was opal (I like opal's shimmering colors). Have fun with the new Wizard Halloween quest, Sam and I ran the quest this weekend and laughed heartily all the way through. Those evil vegetables were so cute!