Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Happy Birthday Pirate101 from TFN

I'm tired . . . it's been an exhausting year, but that's not why I'm tired. *yawn* I just woke up. Let me see if I can string together a few sentences here about Pirate101's birthday from my point of view.

It seems like in life we like to plant flags in certain dates because it helps us separate time. HERE ENDS THE PAST! HERE STARTS A NEW BEGINNING! Missing that opportunity would be incredibly unfortunate, and so I'm very happy that we were able to do that yesterday, and I think we did a pretty good job, and it's been a pretty spectacular year at KingsIsle IMHO with both games rocking out stuff.

We didn't throw a grand party at KingsIsle -- too much work to do! We did, however, gather together at one point during the day where Josef Hall gave a short speech about how impressed he was with all the Pirate101 team had worked on this year. We haven't slowed down since launch. Marleybone and Aquila was a huge undertaking, and we've been working hard on . . . other stuff yet to be released. :)

Then Jay and Mike passed out cookies. Wheee! Cookies! nom nom nom.

I won't rehash our birthday too much since you're all well aware of the hat (hehe, leaking the hat on Puppet Pirates with Jeff Toney was fun ;)) and the decorations and all the Halloween stuff happening simultaneously. You guys all know that, and if you haven't seen it yet -- log in! Whatcha waiting for! :)

The best part of yesterday for me was playing Pirate101 with my youngest after work and watching him get excited over the Parrrty hat and pumpkin eyepatch for his level 5 character and getting him the new Haunted Galleon. He loved his spooky new ship! :)

And that was awesome . . .

Happy Dueling!

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Edward Lifegem said...

Pirate101 is a great team and I'm glad the community has a great community manager/game team to create the game we pirates love! I love everything y'all added yesterday and the ship.... Omg.. Crazy! I had to buy one. :D Thank you for everything you do!!