Monday, October 14, 2013

X and Y invade the Friendly Household!

Saturday afternoon we went to Gamestop to pick up our reserved copies of Pokemon X and Y for the kids.

Woo woo! There was some intense bargaining from the kids at first about who was going to play which version . . . Amber wanted X and was very staunch on that stance, and this made Kyle want X as well. It took a bit of talking, but everything worked out based around fairy-type Pokemon and Yveltal, the dark/flying type pokemon (if I remember right . . .uh yes, thank you Forbes), and Kyle became convinced that Y would be his game. whew. Crisis averted. ;)

Since we pre-ordered, the folks at Gamestop were nice enough to give us this cool timeline poster showing all the Pokemon games throughout history.

:) Timelines are awesome. I can now coordinate the birth of my children to a specific Pokemon game. LOL!

After a couple of days here, they're both around the 3rd or 4th gym battle and chugging along. My daughter proclaimed her Pokemon X to be the best Pokemon game evar! I trust that endorsement.

Happy Dueling!


Anonymous said...

You are now my favorite blogger. Wizard101+Pirate101+Pokemon= Awesome.

witchwarrior said...

Lucky! I need to get a 3DS asap! :/

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed the game however I didn't like the plot so much and I noticed they cut back on a lot of stuff from the previous games that I really enjoyed. As for X I don't like it's Geomamcy move so considering that Black-White-X-Y are related (as ÿõü will
Find out) I am hoping X gets a new move at a 100.