Friday, October 11, 2013

Missing Reagent Maps--Call to arms?

Yesterday one of the designers who sits behind myself and Professor Greyrose, spun around and yelled "I need Scrap Iron!" HAHA! It was awesome to see that real-life reaction that pretty much every player has that undertakes crafting. Greyrose and myself were like, "Marleybone!" and "Bazaar!" He went on to explain he had been trying to snipe reagents in the Bazaar by refreshing every 30 seconds, but it was driving him a bit nuts.

Then I remembered! Oh yeah! We started making awesome maps of where all the reagents are out there in the world . . . hmmmm.

I linked him to my posts, and he jokingly said, "The Friendly Necromancer? Who is this guy?" Sadly, none of the maps I ever made *had* the wonderful scrap iron spawns he was looking for. Then I linked him to Evil Theurgist's Reagent Map site. And that did have some good info, but I could clearly see just from looking at the map to Regent's Square that a lot of the spawn locations were missing or incomplete. Fail.

Are these the best we have?


It seems like every person (myself included) that has begun to take this task on has crumbled at the sheer amount of work it involves or lost interest in continuing the project. Where's the Celestia, Avalon, Zafaria, Azteca, Wintertusk, and Aquila maps?

Looks like Jester has the maps and is willing to work with someone based off of this thread (hehe, someone tried to repost my maps here, which in this case I am totally ok with btw.)

If there's a site out there that's good for this kind of information, please let me know about it!

Happy Dueling!


Katherine Light said...

The reason there are no scrap iron reagent maps is the everyone who farms for them simply gets them in the Counterweight, usually Counterweight East. There are four spawn locations and the very bottom floor there, and there's almost always one there (sometimes two)! You can get two or three in a minute by just running in and out, which is faster than running around the MB rooftops for 2 minutes and being lucky if you find one. Not sure if you allow links in your comments, but if you do....

Stingite said...

Thanks Katherine! I'll pass that along.

Arlen Dawneyes said...

Katherine got it right, the Counterweights have been the best Scrap Iron spot, no doubt.

If I may be of service, I actually made a Kensington Park reagent Map a couple months ago, (wasn't on Evil Theurgist's blog). There are ten Scrap Iron guaranteed spawn points in the dungeon:

Hunter BattleSheild said...

I think this also has some helpful hints

The Necromancer said...

Scrap iron is pretty easy to get in Hrundle Fjord, Wintertusk.