Thursday, October 10, 2013

Riffing . . . Old Times, New Pet!

I logged on this morning and played the good ol' dance game a few times to level my Frakenbunny a bit.

Yay! Old enough to hatch!

I stopped by Professor Falmea's office yesterday and told her that I liked the new Halloween quest and we talked a bit about it and had fun riffing on possibilities. I love that. I don't know one Wizard101 fan that doesn't love riffing on the possibilities of how to improve the game. In fact, I don't know a fan of anything that doesn't love riffing on the possibilities of whatever it is they are a fan of. It's just ingrained in each of us. I highly doubt anything will come of our discussion because it's all in good fun, but it is fun!

Speaking of being an old fan of things . . . I was digging through some old CDs this week because I'm desperately trying to track down a CD that contains the files I need to run my Halloween Light Show (and failing btw *sobs*). I found a great old CD full of old Everquest screenshots. LOL, this was my less-than-uber Female High Elf Cleric back when I'd take up the phone line for the entire evening using dialup to play with my friends online:

Oh how that game has changed over the last decade plus!

Happy Dueling!

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