Wednesday, October 2, 2013

A few selfish links and some explanations

Heya all! I know it may seem like I'm quite quiet here lately on my blog, and . . . ok, it doesn't "seem" that way . . . it "is" that way, but that's mostly because I've been actively blogging and talking other places. One of those places is the KingsIsle Blog.

Now, most people in the Wizard101 and Pirate101 communities are totally aware of this blog and follow it, and, while I'm sure no one would mind, I'd rather not reblog these posts over on TFN -- but I would like to link to them just so I have them cataloged here for myself. (Yup, I guess sometimes a blog is just for purely selfish reasons like that. LOL.)

Pirate101 Tips – Understanding Talents
Spotlight on Community Leaders 1
Spotlight on Community Leaders 2
Pirate101 Tips – Picking Your Perfect Pirate
Girl Power in Pirate101!
KingsIsle take a trip to the Library

You can also find a lot of tips and writing from me on the Pirate101 Newsletter.

. . . and of course the Update Notes page.

(I'm actually writing another blog post for the KingsIsle blog at the moment that talks about the amount of work that goes into these creations.)

I do wish I had more time to blog just for me and my readers, and I wish I had more inspiration about blogging in general for the Friendly Necromancer at the moment. Rest assured I am very much still playing Pirate101 and enjoying my time there! In addition, I'm playing a few other games . . . I fired up Guild Wars 2 the other day, and Uber Wife and I are playing a lot of DCUO. I've also played some Free Realms, Dragon's Prophet, and a bunch of other games as well, including things like Pikmin 3 and Mario Bros for the Wii U.

I don't know . . . Would you all be interested in hearing about these other games? I've done a couple of other (non-Wizard101) things too like these YouTube videos:

I do feel bad for letting this blog sit for a month without any updates, but to be honest, it can sometimes be difficult to talk about Pirate101 and Wizard101 on my free time in addition to the 9 hours or more a day I spend at the KingsIsle offices thinking and talking about these same games.

I'll keep thinking about how I can participate in the Wizard101 community again, but I really hope you understand where I'm coming from as well.



Let me know what you think!

Happy dueling!


StarsongKY said...

Minecraft!! Fun vid, I haven't had the nerve to try Hardcore yet. Been playing the Skyden map a lot lately, at least with a tiny world I can't really get lost.

Matthew Wyrmsong said...

Hi friendly, In case we meet up in minecraft, my username is justin395.

Also, is there any possibility of my blog getting on your website?

It is

Tara Darkgem said...

Whatever you decide friendly, i'm with you! :)

Anonymous said...

Hey! I personally think you should do Minecraft!!!! I love it and theres a huge fanbase out there. Keep it constant and they will come crawling!

Anonymous said...

hi friendly
please email me 5 or 6 galvanic hammers for my pvp team at
please please we want to make this our team symbol

Anonymous said...

Hello Friendly Necromancer :) I'm seth soulmender. I would love it if you sent me 1 galvanic hammer code. Please and thankyou.