Monday, October 3, 2011

Random New Game Roundup (Realm of the Mad God, Glitch, and Dragon's Nest)

Heya all,

I took some time off from playing Angus and started messing around on a few new games. I thought I'd just make a post about it here because some of you may be interested in one of these games.

First up: Realm of the Mad God

Amber came home from school one day, fought her way to the computer, and loaded up Realm of the Mad God. We're all, whatttttTTTT? She's all, oh it's some dumb game where I can't even save my level. Instantly I shouted, "I want to try it!" Kyle copied me, "I want to try it!" Before you know it, we're unlocking new characters and rocking the world of said mad god.

Check out my dead level 20 warrior character:

He was awesome. Some guy came up to me and gave me some super awesome gear and before you know it, I'm level 20 attacking a cyclops god at max level.

Just so you know, my daughter was totally right about not being able to save your level. Realm of the Mad God is a permadeath game. Once your character dies, you have to start over, and that's ok, The point is to try and get your fame as high as possible before you die, but it's also to unlock other character classes by getting your character high level.

It's a flash-based, rogue-like crawler game that's fast paced and . . . believe it or not . . . an MMO. Just look at all these crazy peeps:

Grouping is done via just being in the vicinity of other players. You'll get exp for stuff other people kill and vice versa. Don't expect to get healed unless you're fighting something major. 1) Don't think there are a lot of priests out there. 2) You need to learn to keep weaving in and out of things aka DODGE!

My typical method for killing stuff is to run a large circle around monsters to round them up and slowly whittle them down. But my fighter was tough enough with his good gear that I could just go head to toe with monsters and beat them up without much pain.

This kind of fast action / old school vibe was perfect for me this past week. You should check this one out if you're looking for a change of pace. It's free-to-play and definitely has some addictive qualities. Of course, these prices for The Realm of the Mad God's version of crowns are ridiculous. Wow.

I just can't imagine spending 100 bucks on Realm of the Mad God, but to each their own.


Second: Glitch

Glitch is a browser-based 2D MMO. It's hip right now, and to be honest that's probably the only reason I tried it out.

So far the game for me has been about squeezing chickens, nibbling pigs, and milking butterflies. I made it far enough down the animal training skill line so that now I have the ability to rename animals. In fact this morning I took it upon myself to rename all the pets on the Dofsan Vex street in the Alakol district to familiar Wizard101 names as a part of a quest:

I'm sure these will be changed by someone else in the near future. ;)

As I understand it, the real purpose of Glitch is to build up areas as a team. Here's a quote from Glitch's Wikipedia page:
"One of the most unique aspects of Glitch is that players can work together to build out each new street by cooperating on the completion of projects offered by a "Street Spirit." A project is made up of stages and numerous small tasks, some of which involve collecting (and sometimes even creating) quantities of items from throughout the world and returning them to the Street Spirit. Other tasks on projects involve the skills or labor of players to complete. Involvement in projects thus far have been fairly equitable as to the players level, allowing newbies as well as higher level players to participate in the projects together. At each stage of a project's completion, participating players get to vote in the direction that the street project will take, ultimately choosing the completed streets' attributes. Upon completion of the project, participating players are rewarded with valuable benefits. Unlike other massively multiplayer online games, Glitch's gameplay isn't centered on leveling up, it's about working together to achieve goals."

Maybe one of these days we can claim a street for Wizard101 and have a Glitch party. ;)


Third: Dragon's Nest

Out of these three games, Dragon's Nest is the one I've spent the most time in recently. I was introduced to Dragon's Nest by Tipa from the West Karana blog. In fact, we've even grouped!

That's screenshot evidence right there that she's promised to adventure with me in a dungeon on the Abyss mode of difficulty. I'll be sure to hold her to it. :)

So . . . are you tired of slow-paced MMOs without much action in the combat? Wanna do combos and fight herds of monsters surrounding you ala the swarms in Diablo only with a 3D perspective? Duuuuude. Load up Dragon's Nest! It's a free-to-play that's a ton of fun and has that distinctive Asian MMO look.

Tipa's written more about this game, and her writing was good enough to sell me. Of course, I'm a fan of Tipa's game writing in general, so I'm biased. :)

Yarrr! I kill the minotaurrrr!

It's definitely the change of pace that I'm liking about Dragon's Nest more than anything, and you know what's awesome . . . Titles aren't just meaningless tags . . . they actually give you a boost to your character. Oh how I've wished for that for Wizard101.


Thanks for reading, and I hope you get a chance to check out one or more of these games! Let me know what you think, and if you have a great game that you think I should check out, leave me a note in the comments below.

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Happy Dueling!


Anonymous said...

Ooh, I'm playing a nexon game (MapleStory) with the same title thing. For one event, there is a medal that gives 5 to all stats, 500 hp and mp (health and mana), and some other stuff.

Evan LionTamer said...

Is Dragon's Nest okay for kids? Like, no blood or anything?

Evan Shadow said...

Can you add me to your blog roll? I cant remember if i asked this before, but its thanks! BTW, awesome post. {did you know its halloween in w101? :)}

Stingite said...

@exumaii: Nice! I like maplestory, but I haven't played it in forever.

@Evan: Well, the Korean rating system puts its age rating at 15+. So, rated T basically. It's definitely not like Mortal Kombat bloody. I'm sure online interactions could put it into a higher age bracket. There wasn't any filtered chat option. :/

Soulrider1 said...

Since I see a few others playing Nexon games, I'm into Mabinogi and its prequel, Vindictus. My explanations/descriptions of both would take up nearly a volume. And for that, I added yet another blog.

justin395 said...

i play minecraft u can buy it at