Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Stephen Spiritcaller, Icywiz, and Taliesinharps at GDCO

It's GDC season again in Ausin, Texas. You might remember my trip to GDC last year (if not, click here to see all the posts with my GDCO tag and scroll down a few posts). I've been wishing that I was there in GDC this year, but I'm not. Then again, I was sitting around the dinner table with my family last night and took a moment to realize that I was happy to be here as well. It was Taco Salad Tuesday after all! You know I'm loving a little Taco Salad on a Tuesday while chillin' with the fam!

Anyway, there are a few people down there in Austin that you might know. They're taking in all that Austin is and hanging out at GDC. Hanging out at GDC also means you'll probably get to see a random KingsIsle employee hanging out at GDC. That's good stuff for sure.

Stephen Spiritcaller of Ravenwood Radio is keeping a YouTube page about his trek to GDC, and i keep waiting for more information to come out of that. I'm sure we'll see more and more clips of him at GDC being uploaded over the next week. I'll definitely be watching.

You'll also want to be following Stephen's Twitter, Icywiz's Twitter, and Taliesinharps's twitter for more information.

There doesn't seem to be any real news from KingsIsle other than something big is on the horizon, of course, we can always expect there to be something big on the horizon with KingsIsle, so it's kind of non-news, but I'LL TAKE IT! Of other gossip-y news, from what I hear, Stephen and Leesha have now met in real-life thanks to the magic of GDC! I wish I could have been there to see that. :)

Here's to hoping KingsIsle wins an award at the award show tonight at 6:30 pm Central! I'm hoping one of those three twitter feeds linked above will be exploding with on-the-moment news. :)

Happy Dueling!


Tara Darkgem said...

im hoping w101 wins the award too! ive been counting down the days till today to see if they win and if they give us the mystery pet XD we didnt win last year sadly but hopefully this year w101 will PWN all those other wannabe games ;D!

Elijah Light Thief said...

Wizard 101 WOn!!!!