Tuesday, October 25, 2011

New Sneaky Peeky!

Oh my! KI is at it again! Check the link!


It's MMORPG's turn to give a sneak peek! http://t.co/4SKJIfHp


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Duncan Daystone said...

Shadow Weavers! GASP! Is that underwater? DOUBLE GASP! My guess is that it's an extension to the new 50+ storyline; that is, the one that began with Celestia. Or maybe a little side world a la Wintertusk. I'm pulling for the former.

Anonymous said...

hmm surprise suprise, KI is making ANOTHER new world. big deal, they totally ruined it since now they are making new worlds about every 3 months. Laaaaaaaame

Stingite said...

@Duncan: IRK. I not convinced that's underwater though. The Angus in me is digging that starter wand on the wizard with the red mullet. :)

@anon: to each their own. I like the new content and the pace is great! Keep the new content coming, KI!

Duncan Battleblood said...

@Anon- It's great that they're releasing new worlds a lot more frequently now. The wait for Dragonspyre wasn't too bad I guess. I remember we had to wait over a YEAR for Celestia. Since Celestia, we've had two more worlds and another one coming!

Tara Darkgem said...

Happy Halloween Friendalee!! :D

Louis Belasco said...

Happy next Halloween, Friendly!