Friday, October 21, 2011

Wizard101 Up for more awards! And . . . oh yeah . . . awards . . .

This one is special to me since I write for Beckett's. YOU MUST GO VOTE FOR WIZARD101 PEOPLE! Click me! Click me! Click me! Click me! Click me! (Especially for the Best Kids’/Family MMO category, you know?)

Speaking of awards, I got this note yesterday from Marcus Deathwalker concerning the GDCO voting prize for the Wizard101 Audience award:
Hello Friendly,
I have just recieved my Mystery pet .
Yes it's a free pet but I can't help but feel a little disappointed.
Maybe my expectations were too high , but when they say limited edition or rare and then offer you a "____" , well it's kind of a let down. I don't want to spoil the "supprise" for you.
What do you think?
Looking forward to your Blog about this.

Well, I wouldn't be too disappointed. A free pet is a free pet. :) I'm just happy it wasn't a piggle. LOL.

Sadly, most likely because of all the complaining, there is no offer of reward for voting in the Beckett's voting poll. No free pet is no free pet. :( I still have faith people will vote though. We have a great game that always has a new surprise just waiting around the corner.

Happy Dueling!


Blaze Shadowblade said...

Most likely, KI doesn't want to just start dishing out pets and diluting the game with them. It would be a little game breaking for everyone to be running around with five or more pets in each character's backpack that have special innate cards that give otherwise unavailable spells to just any character at any level. That is to say, no one wants every level 1-10 character running around with a pet that gives a fortify spell or has the possibility of manifesting the unicorn talent in generation 1. And since voters are looking for special and/or unique pets, KI would be disappointing voters by giving out pets that don't have innate cards or can't manifest a healing talent since those things have become standard with most new pets. Which just feeds into the concept of the slippery slope that has become the current talent system.

randomranter said...

its not fair! KI can make up a lot and lot of new epic pets inside gift cards and game packs but they cant make a NEW UNIQUE RARE PET for the people who voted and deserve them? They just take a pet they THINK IS RARE but everyone already has it and they just send it out
KI is so selfish i am never voting for them in anything again if they dont even care enough to take the time to give us GOOD prizes instead of making new gift cards and packs for people to buy and spend money on. I would have rather gotten another code for a wyverns hoard. Jeez now people who didnt vote are jerks saying "haha i knew the pet would be lame"! I mean the pet doesnt even have a good pedigree!