Monday, October 24, 2011

Tweet from @Wizard101

Ok! Here we go again! Here's another picture with a coded message from KingsIsle!! Here's the Tweet fro KI, check it out!

Another Wizard101 Teaser courtesy of Zam!!/Wizard101/status/128582306419048448

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Malorn Ghostrider said...

My guess is an extension on the Celestian Islands! Look at those trees in the background. They look an awful lot like the floating land's willow trees. And, top of the world fits too, as the floating land was a high mountain, that's why it wasn't sunken.

drewsimon said...

Friendly, your lack of theorys convince me that. . . You already KNOW what's coming up in Wizard101!

Anonymous said...

"Down in the Depths": Tanganyika Lake - Located in several African countries, including Tanzania, it is the world's second deepest lake.

"At the Top of the World": Mount Kilimanjaro is is the highest mountain in Africa, at 5895 meters, located in Tanzania. It is one of the earths "sky islands" because of the dramatic difference between its ecology and the ecology of the plains below it. It provides the greatest amount of viewable area of anywhere on the earth.