Friday, October 14, 2011

Angus in Grizzleheim: The Quest for Supercharge

Angus needed a little distraction from Dragonspyre, so I took him back to Grizzleheim for some fun. It's been pretty laid back for the most part, just a matter of rushing through some of these quests. Check it out, I got an 808 hit. :)

Whenever you get an 808 hit on someone, you know it's TIME TO DROP THE BASS!

Though it's good for relaxing from Dragonspyre, the real purpose of Angus doing a little Grizzleheim is so he can get his hands on the Supercharge spell. That's such an awesome spell. Stacking any layer of percentage to damage is fantastic . . . especially against those high hit point freaks in Dragonspyre. Additional blade spell? OH YOU KNOW I WANT THAT!

Oh, I have to say this . . . with my fully geared characters, I never really noticed the hits from Shellek were so freaking beast.

Yeah, that guy, the end boss from Savarstaad Pass. His innate attack is 125 storm damage per pip. That's harder than most Dragonspyre boss innate hits. For example, General Firetusk's innate hit is only 100 damage per pip. Skellek not only hits like a boss, he hits like a BOSS! Like an 808 drop!

Alright, that's enough of that. ;p

Happy Dueling!

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Stevenhawkshade said...

Do you have to beat all of grizzleim to get supercharge?