Sunday, October 23, 2011

CHECK THIS OUT! (Episode 9)

Heya peoples, let's do a quick e-mail grab bag post, shall we? I've been getting a few e-mails, and I've got a little time here today . . . *cracks knuckles* . . . it's go time! CHECK THIS OUT!


First up is an e-mail from Nicholas LionRider!
Hope you don't mind but I made you a gift. You always wanted a death unicorn so here you go. :) -Nicholas LionRider

I don't mind your gift at all, Nicolas . . . for it involves unicorns and death and the combination of the two! I like where you're going with that. However I like EVEN MORE, a combination of ideas from the Twizards @HeatherRavenWiz and @TheNecroManiac. Heather tweeted, "I think death unicorn needs to be not only a pet but a SPELL! Like vampire, but an AoE of pure awesome. @FriendlyNecro", and Brandon added, "@FriendlyNecro @Wizard101 @HeatherRavenWiz Aha! Agreed, it should steal health instead of giving it, but maybe give health back to teammates".

Ahhh, my friends . . . bless you and bless your adoption of the death unicorn cause. ;)


Justin Firesword commented on my Thomas Lionblood Facebook profile picture, "Nice pet!"

Thank you Justin. Lady Dexter was awesome at the time . . . not only because she's an inherently awesome ninja pig, but because she starred in a short comic strip, that I should really continue some day.
Episode 1
Episode 2
Episode 3
Episode 4


Nikki asked me over e-mail:
"Hi, Friendly. I know you're busy, but would you mind posting pics of the Sleepy Hollow house? Thanks and have a great day.


Ahhhh, you're talking about Conner's house that I posted a picture of here. I'm sorry, I hope I didn't mislead you with my poor wording. That house is simply the Wooded Cottage Wizard City house, Conner had just decorated it and dubbed it his "Sleepy Hollow House." I don't have any more pictures of it beyond the one on my blog, but you can definitely track Conner down on his blog. If we're lucky maybe he'll make a post about his house, or maybe he'll even Youtube a tour of it! That would be great! :)

Again, sorry for the misunderstanding.


Drew Waterbringer sent me an e-mail with this question:
"Hey Friendly,
I just bought the new hawk pack, and have yet to redeem the wand. The reason is is that I like the look of the storm wand very much, because I am storm, but I want the stats of the death one, the best wand. Should I go with and ugly-ish death wand with good stats or take the cool storm wand and stitch it with like a lifeforce or something. The death one's stats are really good for me as a storm because 50 critical is good.
Drew WaterBringer"

Right, this is an interesting question -- not because you're debating crit vs. crit block, but because you're debating losing 10 damage and crit and gaining 20 block if you go with the Death Claymore vs. the looks of a weapon. AND, you only can choose one.

Hmmmm, conundrum . . .

Well, if I were you, I'd go with looks. I know that may sound strange, but after the screenshot we saw a couple days ago on Massively, well, you don't know what cooler weapons stat-wise could be around the corner. The look could be a one of a kind look, but newer stats and power growth will always be a part of this game. /shrug

Then again, a blade with +50 block could be really nice if you're planning on doing some PvP over the next few weeks, right?

Hmmmm, conundrum . . . (I like that word.)


One more for you guys. Not really an e-mail, but still worthy of an episode of Check this out. You've all probably seen this, but if not . . . reality will hit you hard, bros.

and in typical viral fashion . . . here's the resulting song.


Thanks for all the e-mail!

Happy dueling!



Hey Friendly!

I am sorry I haven't posted a comment in a long time. But what I am commenting is DEATH UNICORN CAUSE FOR TEH WIN!!!



Duncan Daystone said...

lol the Lady Dexter comics. Boy, that was a while ago. Brings back memories... of a simpler time- a Marleybone-ier/Grizzleheim-ier time :)

Anonymous said...

Hey friendly! There actually IS a death unicorn now!!!!!!!!